Interactive Case Study

Ossabaw Island: A Case Study on the African-American Experience

This interactive case study uses the story of Ossabaw Island to explore the African-American experience in the Georgia Lowcountry. Five primary sources from the Ossabaw Island and Torrey Family Papers MS 1362 will act as starting off points for exploring different aspects of the African-American experience on Ossabaw Island.


First read the brief introduction to Ossabaw Island, then begin your exploration of the five primary sources. Each primary source includes five highlighted points. Hover over the points to learn more and complete a task. Use a separate piece of paper or word document to complete each task. After completing your tasks, see how much you learned by taking a quiz based on the primary source. There are vocabulary terms given throughout the case study, simply move your cursor over the terms to see the definition. Visit the glossary of terms to see a full list of vocabulary terms.

Introduction to Ossabaw Island

Get started with an introduction to Ossabaw Island.


Primary Sources

Explore the African-American experience on Ossabaw Island through primary sources.



See a full list of vocabulary terms in alphabetical order in the glossary of terms.